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How long will it take to lease my property?
There are no guarantees on how long it will take to rent a property as the market will decide, but the more realistic the rental amount you are asking, the more people will respond to the advertisement and attend the open inspections and the better presented the property the more applications will be received which will lead to better and a choice of tenants.
For well presented properties in sought after suburbs we have been able to lease properties from 1 open in just 2 days, but for properties in suburbs with an oversupply we have also put in the hard work of multiple inspections and our longest vacancy period to date is 24 days.


How do I switch to Qattro Property Management?
Changing property managers does not change the tenancy at all. If you are unsatisfied with the service of your current agent please just give us a call to arrange a time to meet, we can take you through a property management agency agreement, get you to sign a transfer form and we can handle the rest with your existing property manager and the tenant.

What if the tenant doesn't pay the rent?
We check rent on a daily basis. If a tenant falls 3 days in arrears they are contacted by telephone, email and SMS. on the 7th day the tenant is posted a notice that they are in breach of the tenancy. If the rent has not been paid after 14 days then the termination notice is issued on the 15th day inline with the Residential Tenancies Act 1995.
If your tenant falls 7 days in arrears you will be advised and we will communicate with you through this process and obtain your instruction prior to issuing a termination notice. Our goal is to ensure that you maximise your returns, so if things aren't working as they should we will work to minimise any loss.

You don't have an office in my suburb, can you rent my property?
Absolutely, Yes!
Prospective tenants no longer walk past the windows of real estate agencies looking for a rental property. Today's tenants use online portals to search for the suburb and price range they are looking for and most applications for properties are emailed to the property manager.
Data on rental prices in differing areas is available to agents online and our property management software is cloud based which means that we don't need offices in every suburb and we can easily manage properties right across Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula from our 1 central office location, or on the road if we're visiting properties.

How are payments made?
Tenants make payment into the trust account through electronic fund transfer, direct debit or cash at our office. Payments are then made electronically to a landlords nominated bank account at the end of each month. A statement showing all transactions associated with your property and a copy of any accounts paid is also provided. At the end of the financial year landlords are sent a comprehensive transaction history.

Do you have contractors to carry out maintenance?
We use licensed, qualified contractors who provide quality service at competitive pricing for your property.
If you have a contractor that you wish to have work on your property please let us know and we will be happy to work with them for you.

Are regular inspections carried out?
We attend between 6 and 9 weeks after a tenant first moves into the property and carry out Quarterly inspections from there to ensure that the tenant is keeping the property in reasonable condition.  The inspection report also includes photographs of the property which are sent to landlords giving you proof as well as peace of mind.

When are rent reviews carried out?
Approximately 6 weeks prior to the expiration of the current tenancy, your Qattro property Manager does a review of the market conditions and gives you a recommendation for the property moving forward. 
Your instructions are sought concerning any lease extensions or rent increases prior to action.

What if there is a major problem?
If something goes wrong and a trip to the tribunal is needed, we will be there on your behalf working for you to get the best possible outcome.  We look to minimise the stress for both the landlord and tenant within the leasing arrangement at all times in order to minimise the likelihood of a tribunal appearance.